Thursday, May 31, 2007

of writing blogs n reservation

Generally the topic i write on is not spontaneous but decided by the top news stories / happenings of the previous day.
whichever story moves me becomes the next post ... ofcourse the content is purely spontaneous and my own creation ...

so may be reader (supposing some one does turns up on my blog, and actually reads it ) can identify with previous days major headlines or happenings just by redaing the posts ... of course there are times when i write about things i hate, which shows how my mood was that day ...

or the post titled 'of marriages', which tells the reader that many of my friends are getting married ...

so my blog tells the reader bout my mood, which news affected me and my life and what i think about all these .. which pretty much is the purpose of bloging .. so mission sucessfull,

Also starting today shall put in "this day last year "or TDLY and try to remember what i did last year on the same day ...

TDLY 31 May - 3rd day of induction at TCS, met one of the VPs or fought Ritu Anand for compensation .....

Monday, May 28, 2007

of things i hate

just continuing on my views from the last post where i spit some venom regarding EK & KJ, lemme tell u a few more things connected to entertainment that i hate ...

1 & 2. ofcourse Ek & KJ brand of soaps and movies respectively

3. Shahrukh & Hrithik movies (especially if made by KJ :-)) , just for the reason that both of them play the very so perfect guy, and the movie is sans any logic ... the sweetness of their characters is too much , also is the stupidity
(imagine Hrithik senior is in US for 2 years, he calls his mom, ho tell hism "beta, tum baap banne wale ho !" now if hrithik senior was in US for two years how can he be a father, even though he has super powers.....

4. rahul dravid - the wall , as a one day player (point to note is that i love him as a test match player ) ... the moment india loses 2-3 wickets he very convinently forgets the existence of runs (singles)... what is the use of best technique if you hit straight at fielders and score 1o runs in 35 balls in an ODI

5. Aishwarya rai as the potrayal of ultimate beauty ... shes beautiful but to call her the ultimate beauty .. please there are so many other beautiful and talented actreses... Bipasha for once looked too hot, even for Aishwarya in dhoom 2

6. Himesh as singer/ actor - yes he was good in aashiq banaya, and few other songs, but please no overdose ... and ok for once we shall agree on him singing so many songs but please please please.... dont show him on TV .. why cant we have akshay and Katrina lip singing "humko dewaana kar gaye " on screen, why do we need a bearded , stiff himesh crooning all over .. atleast give our eyes a rest if not ears

just a few things thats i absolutely hate and any one who watches TV / movies with me shall vouch for the vulgar words i have for the above .... then again these are my personal views about these people and the way they titilate my irraitating veins ... (ya the word is titilate )

Sunday, May 27, 2007

of K factors

it was very irritating to watch ekta kapoor in conversation with karan johar on Kofee with Karan ... its not that i am a big fan of kofee but sometimes the guy does gets interesting combination of ppl ... but yesterday it was pathetic .. it was a total arse licking show with EK , KJ and three stooges of EK .. aka Ram koopr, Hiten tejwani and Ronit roy ...

First of all, both EK & KJ take thair audeineces to be fools and dish out highly emotional, non sensical, sans logic, and impractical stories, all cast in great mansion,s filthy richness and slik sarees... and if this not enuff both admire ecah other to the limit of insanity ... ofcourse they do... coz they go to the same numerologist who gave them the fascination with 'K'...

anyway to get three stoges along with the queen was absolute bull shit, coz no employee will say negative of the employer that too on television & on her face .. may be KJ would have been better off with some reality show producor or sidharth bose producer of KBC to tee off with EK..

anyway few intretsing tit bits ..
1. Age of Ba : 200 + years
2. EK doesnt stop those old serials with dragging storyline coz she believes that ppl associated with them will be unepmloyed ... hay whay about employing them in new drag serials of yours...
3. The way the 3 stooges paid regards to the queen when they entered the set
4. EK's rolling of eyes and atitude of "i rule it all"
5. KJ's chanting of i love you and Ek's reply of love you too baby .. it was all too corny
6. the way Ek announced some rahul khandelwal to be an ass, coz he revolted against her
6. ofocurse the way i shifted to Biggest looser watching fat ppl slug it out on treadmills and found it better than Ek-KJ story ...

moral of the story : TV is now used for only english movies, reality shows, cricket, F1, football and most of all for weird animals and insects hunting, mating , and sleeping on Nat geo :)

Thursday, May 24, 2007

of personal tolerance

i have talked about how intolerance if growing at macro level for Indian society ... but then each society is made up of people.... so it doe simply that intolerance is also increasing at individual level ....
people are becoming more n more assertive n aggressive .... the time when one used to think twice before uttering words is long gone .. today its all shoot from the heart concept .. some may argue that it is good that no one hides his/her feelings but brings it out in the open .. but for me things are quite a bit different ...

i always believe that every1 has a strong reason to react the way they do ... a person steals for hunger/ need, even kleptomaniacs have urge to do something exciting or own something better or sheer hormonal imbalance that causes them to lift others valuables... the issue is how reasonable we find other person's reasons ....
For Britishers, Indian revolutionaries were terrorists coz they didn’t find the blood shed as reasonable whereas for India, it was quite reasonable ....

All these examples are quite heavy stuff aint it but the fact remains that the moment u place urself in other persons shoes, things become better , at least the gravity of the situation reduces.. ur anger subsides ... works many times for me ...

Tuesday, May 22, 2007

of www wars.

its nice to see the internet scene hotting up !!! Microsoft in pursuit of a strategy to stop google , has bid for $50Bn for yahoo .. that is ridiculous amount of money .. i mean if it can spend somuchon yahoo, how much does it expect to earn to have profitable return on investment??? its absurd...

Also google came up with one search where u ger images, pdfs, sites all related to the query rather than searching for them seperately ..
yahoo in its quest is offerings earch from hand held devices... cool isnt it ....

the scene is hotting up .. with lots of moolah for making everyone is aiming for that sweet spot No 1....
Wonder what Altavista, etc are upto?

Monday, May 21, 2007

of being an Indian

last few weeks have been very disturbing for me in terms of the happenings in our country ... read this
1. Reservation politics is at its peak
2. Delhi PM says Biharis should not be coming to Delhi
3. Karnataka bans Women working in night shifts, says Kannadigans hould get preference in IT sector
4. Non Marathi students taking Western Railway exams are beaten up
5. fight between SGPC & Dera groups
6. hue & cry over hindu gal marrying Muslim Guy
7. Pandit performs cleansing at temple post visit of child of hindu male & muslim female (ofcourse this was cited coz the Hindu male was a minister ..)
and the list goes on ...

All these indicate just one major factor.. the social Intolerance brewing in india... at one side the world is becoming one global village with free movement of people across nations (atleast thats the idea)and on other side we are dividing ourselves on basis of region, religion, sex, caste, color, creed etc etc

Yes the politicains are to be blamed for the divide & rule policies but then why are we being lead by them??? every one just shrugs off their shoulder by saying "i am not one of them" but then contributes equally to the cause ...

Here is my two pence on how each one of us is breeding this menace ...
As soon as a baby is born, he or she is given a name.. a name that is a hramless entity but also a surname that divides him/her from other...
The child is knowingly or unknowingly fed that he is different from others in terms of his religion, caste, region etc etc .. i mean look at this .. every child would know that he/she is a Hindu brhamin, not only that but he /she is a koknasth or deshaj or some brahmin, marathi speaking from the Vidarbha or Marathwada region ... or a shia muslim from UP..this would just put in seeds of discrimination in him / her,
No where does a parent instills that the child is an Indian .. the primary fact that will seed tolerance in a child ... Why do we need to tell a child what his region, religion, caste etc is .. if today we refarin from passing this information to next generation probably in 15-20 yeras we will have greater social tolerance ...

Why cant we get away with surnames or have a common surname like 'bharti' or something ..
that will be practically impossible ...isnt it .. to distinguish 1 billion + people on the basis of first name alone....
so heres the idea.. do away with names.. just let every indian have a number .. a 10 or 15 digit number that will be his/her name, ID, social security number, phone number, PAN number, ration card number, Voter Id number... any damn number needed for identification. You punch in your number and all your details are available through the system ... It will require a single databse , will be easy to maintain and will remove the primary source of intolerance .... No classification needed except the fact that you are an Indian with a number tagged to you .. the idea is nascent but cn de devloped for refinement.
It will be a bit distastefull but imagine an India with everyone living in harmony ..

Friday, May 18, 2007

of marriage season...

it has been a marriage dhoom, especially for the MDI 204-06 comunity .. not only many from the batch got married in april, quite a few got hooked up officially .. the dates for next round of mariiages are out !!! it seems dec 2007 - feb 2008 will again be a busy season for marriages ... who knows one of them may be me :)

All this also cropped up the issue of me not in touch with great many of my friends and thus here is a mid year resolution: i will make sincere efforts to stay in touch with my batch mates n friends across all spectrums.. may i have the faith, strength and money to do it

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

of Looks and destiny

Looks Are Destiny: Awesome article courtsey Dilbert blogs

I can often predict a person’s destiny by his or her appearance. For example, if a regular photograph of you looks exactly like a DUI mug shot, the police will eventually arrest you. Here’s a perfect example:>1=7703

I can also tell by your weight whether you are likely to have a job that involves frequent travel on commercial flights. You rarely see obese people flying for business. If you walk down any sidewalk in America, every fourth person is so large he’s keeping an entire village in Pakistan employed just making his pants. But when you board a commercial flight, you rarely see people that large. And if you do, they’re heading to Disneyland.

It’s a similar situation with unusually attractive women. If you see an unusually attractive woman on a commercial flight, she’s either traveling with an unusually attractive lover, or meeting one at the other end. She’s the one touching up her makeup before landing.

People who have bad eyesight when they are kids, including me, rule out all careers that require vigorous physical activity, especially ones involving the outdoors. By the age of eleven I had ruled out football, professional modeling, and the lifeguard arts. I focused my attention on math, and doodling insulting pictures of my peers. I figured one of those two things would pay off.

I also ruled out any profession that involved risking my life to save other people. I ask too many questions for those sorts of jobs. For example, before I rush into a burning building to save someone, I want to know if that person is more deserving of life than me. If not, there’s no point in getting incinerated just to make the world a worse place. Recently I gave a talk to a classroom of 9-year olds. It wasn’t hard to identify the ones who would do a cost-benefit analysis before rushing into the burning building. That shit starts early.

Hair and height are great predictors of future careers. If you’re a guy with a good head of hair, and you’re over 6’4”, you’ll probably have a career in upper management. The universe will also allow you to be an entrepreneur, lawyer, or doctor. You are not allowed to work in a toll booth.

If you’re unusually good looking, you’re not allowed to perform any job that’s unpleasant. The exception is that you can wait tables in a nice restaurant until someone either proposes or offers you a lucrative contract.

Question of the day: Do you look suspiciously similar to other people who have jobs like yours?

ps: why cant i think of such observations

Monday, May 14, 2007

of old memories

yesterday i saw "the wonder years" once again on TV ... its just one of the most awesome shows that makes you nostalgic and revives your memoriesof growing up ... even though it is set in US environment about 90% of the things go similar here also .. i mean just read your following:

1, the way your attitude towards parents changes with age from admiring to irritating..
2. your nervousness in school..gym and history class, lunch breaks
3. your teachers, favourite and dreaded ones.... the way invoulantary smile comes on ur face whe u see ur fav teacher, or hear his/her voice .. the way sometimes ur teachers teach you subtle lessons in life ...
4. your friends... the way sometimes u feel you are way cooler than your best friend and then realize he/she will laways be there for you even when you dont behave well with them

the list is endless, but just watch it at 12:00 midnight on zee cafe and you shall love it ....

Sunday, May 6, 2007

Blogthings ...

just stumbled on to the site ....bizzare n intresting

here it goes..

1. how nerdy are you?

***You Are 8% Nerdy***
You are definitely not nerdy - in fact, you probably don't know any nerds.You probably care a little too much about your image. No one will know if you secretly watch Star Trek reruns!
How Nerdy Are You?

2. Pirate name

Your Pirate Name Is...
Captain Dagger Dan

3. Interpersonal rating

Your Intrapersonal Intelligence Score: 69%
Your Intrapersonal Intelligence is High
You have a great understanding of who you are, and your place in the world.You know what path you're on. And you are excited about your future.You're always deepening your inner knowledge and introspection. And enjoying it every step of the way.

Thursday, May 3, 2007

of marriages .. contd...

Ok on a serious note.. its not as easy as i had put it but still its as much funny if you look at it from outside...
the chaos, the frolic, the adventure all is at its peak when the search is going on and even more once a suitable prspect is zeroed in ...
the question still remains .. is there a method in madness... and the answer no one knows...

anyways lets just say if you are the bride or the groom and are looking for arranged marriage, the only thing you can do is trust your intution.. coz that is all that will help you .. In reality a person gets to meet the prospect maximum 2-3 times for about 20 -30 mins each..
after the first meeting itself, the moment you close the door of the car, wave your hand, everyone looks as u as expectantly as the father of a newborn looks at gynac to say " its a boy (or a gal)" .. and in that instant you have to say yes or a no .. if u say "i dont know" it is taken as no .. and "its possitive, or looks good" is taken as yes...

If you are lucky u get another couple of meetings.. in any case how much effort is required for a person to dress his or her best and exhibit best of behaviour (likable by all) for 3 perfomances of 30 mins each???

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

of blogging and marriages

So i start yet again to blog ... for those who didn’t follow my blogs earlier ( : "what the hell brought you to this one?"
What prompted me to reblog : nothing ... just the fact that i read an article on blogging and decided to light the flame gain .. post Nov 22 2006 this is my first blog .. life has taken loads of changes for me but am not complaining ... enjoying every bit ....

OK so i thought of writing about marriages ... and the answer to why this topic is not so tuff as most of the ppl my age (read my batch mates at graduation & post graduation ) are fighting the demons, so here’s my take :

The characters:
The ailing corporation: obviously the guy or the gal whose life suddenly develops faults like loneliness, lack of stability, character & responsibility
The COO: Mom , she is the one coordinating the machinery, trying to bring in the processes and various stakeholders together
The marketing officers: Numerous chachi's mami's cousins etc who like a dedicated field force market the new offering .. As time goes by their interest in the product diminishes and so does the effort
The CFO: your dad, who meekly or sometimes in accordance to the wishes of COO finances the whole operation
External Consultants: the numerous aunties, padosans etc who have gone thru similar exercise for their ward and now advice the COO

Amidst all these there are various forms of marriages which go like as follows:
Arranged marriage or legal obligation: like in case of legal obligations you have to follow the law and go with the person chosen
Love marriage or Strategic alliance: you find our own mate and go ahead with backing of all parties
Love marriage denied to arranged or hostile takeover: the ailing corporation is taken over by the stakeholders and all its decisions nulled and is forced to follow the new policymakers decisions

in all above cases the life is never the same again

(to be continued)