Monday, April 20, 2009

of voting in indian democracy

if there will be a contest to check desperation to vote , i will definetly be amongst the finalists. The whole process has taken more than 6 months now and still i dont have any clue where am i stuck.

It is really frustating that in my own country i dont have a right to vote. My voter ID application's status is unkown and i am shuttling between the election office and the election incharge for the ward. No one can tell me whether or not my application has been aprroved, if yes then has the card been made, if yes where it is , if no when will it be made.
Besides that the survey for electoral roll has been completed, when, i have no clue ... but for sure it was on a weekday when both me and neha were at work. No idea how to get my name on that and whom to contact.

Not only that, i dont know who are the contestants this year, they have not yet visisted my office or home to ask for our vote. there is no spam mail, sms, processions, loud speaker blaring or not even a banner informing who the contestant is , which party he/she belongs and that person needs my vote to win.

All this is really frustating... how can the whole system conspire against genuine and interested voters? I am quite sure all these obstructions are not faced by the people living in slums, for their votes can be bought for 50-100 rupees. No party is interested in talking to us for we will ask questions. We will not be happy that they want to give rice at 2 rupees per kg, but we will ask "from where will they get the money for this scheme?"

I just want to salute the tactician, the master politician who devised this plan of alienating the thinking population and concentrating mainly on saleable votes. the plan has worked so well that all the young people like us do not regard ourselevs as real india. Every person i meet and talk to has the opinion that we are not real india. real india is the person living in city slums and in villages.

My only worth to the country is the tax i pay every year , thats it. other than that the government, the politicians the country is not all worried about me. I pay the road tax but that will be used to build road near some neta's home or in his constituency during elections. I pay education cess and the SC/ST candidates, whose father is some big IAS officer or public sector employee(again due to reservations)will get subsidy in education. And i am conditoned not to ask any question by drilling one line in my head from childhood "ask not what your country has done for you, ask what you can do for the country."

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Of vegetarian Vs Non-vegetarian food

Of late i have been into numerous discussion with Neha about vegetarian food ... even though i am a vegetarian but i don’t buy any single arguments given by vegetarians on why vegetarian food is good and non-veg is bad...Here is my point to point rebuttal of the same:-

1. veg food is healthier than non veg:

Most the articles that site non veg food as bad are generally written by veg fanatics who say that eating non veg increases obesity, heart ailments. They give calorie contents and other scientific facts and compare butter chicken with aaloo gobi or bhindi subzi ..... all i would say is that if this is true then Gujratis who don’t even touch non veg should be the fittest of the Indian community .... why don’t we compare fafdas , veg tikki and pakodas with staked fish? the results will surely be opposite ..... The truth is veg cuisine is as fried, oil and cholesterol full as non veg cuisine and it depends on individual recipe on how healthy or unhealthy the food is .....

I am not even going into nutrition content of individual item as none item is complete or balanced diet in itself. It takes a balanced meal to ensure all nutrients are assimilated.

2. Veg food ensure that animals are not killed and ensure sympathy towards animals.

Let us recall that it an Indian MR J.C.Basu who showed that plants like animals are living, have feelings and they can feel. There is no food in this world that can be achieved without killing or hurting any living being. (If you say fruits i will say eggs are their equivalent).
Many argue that plants have just 2 or 3 senses and animals are more developed/ higher / superior living beings thus eating animals is less sinful.
Is killing a deaf and dumb man less sinful that killing a normal man? Is killing snake ok, given that it can not hear? how can a religion differentiate between living beings based on the senses? this way hizras are less human coz they cant reproduce.......

Well senses are man's definition of being a higher living organism. I argue that plants are the only living species that create their own food from sunlight, water and minerals, that’s why they are superior beings, hence killing them is higher sin.

Plants do not depend on animals for food (well baring 1-2 species) and it is the animal kingdom (including human) that needs to eat other living beings. So let us all animals fulfill this need of ours amongst ourselves and not depend on plants for the same.

3. the environmental veggies say that rearing animals (that are culled for food) is a drain on environment.

Ahem .... what about the fact that if we all turn vegetarians the whole of the earth would not be able to provide requisite amount of fruits, veggies and other grains?
I mean where will you get the land to farm for 8 billion people?
I read some where that grains used for feeding animals reared on farms can feed 800 million people. Well good. But can it feed them for a life time? can those grains provide a balanced diet? what about the fact that the meat thus generated serves need of about another 800 Million people?
In such a regard non veggies are better as they don’t just depend on land but also on water (sea) for food and so the overall pressure on land is less.....

Let us all start eating sea food and fishes... this way land required for agriculture will reduce and 2/3rd of worlds surface can be used for food requirements of human being

4. veg food is less tamsik, does not increases sexual desire, aggression and is pure ....
Ahem ..... My dear religion fanatics .... tamsik, satvik , aggression etc is more dependent on an individual and his character rather than food he/she eats .... if that is the case then most of the vegie wives should be docile and non domineering ... a fact all their husbands can refute :)

Well what about food like onion, garlic, various veggie aphrodisiacs?

5. Non veg brings all with it diseases from poultry etc ....
Duhhh.... what about pesticides on crops? Please someone remind these veg fanatics that rotten veggies and fruits is as harmful as diseased meat!!

My take: Different food groups have different nutritional value and a balanced diet requires all the components. Some of them are abundant in non veg food and some in veg, but this does not means that other food group is deficient in these.
It is simply a matter of individual choice and let us keep it at that ......