Monday, June 25, 2007

of employee blogging

It is so interesting to note the direct relation between blogging and having work...... in my case this is absolutely true with follwoing details:
1. If i have nothing to do at office i blog
2. If i have nothing to do at home i sleep
3. If i have read blogs or see some interesting post while working at office i blog
4. If i have lotsa work (which is rarity) to take a break i blog

so if i generalise the whole idea it leads to the following conclusions:

1. All bloggers either have nothing to do, hence they blog
2. All bloggers if have work,they stop their work and blog

hence in all cases blogs reduce employee productivity ... or atleast takes off his mind from work ....
it may be contested that blogging gives the employees much needed break, outlet to vent emotions and post their opinion ... but then why are coffe machines and coffe table gossips for???

TDLY: Finally after a lot of tussel on my location Mumbai as told on thrsday and Delhi as told on monday am off to Delhi .... spent saturday n sunday at home and started for delhi on sunday (25th evening) evening

Thursday, June 21, 2007

of long breaks

It has been 10 days since i wrote and this is mainly due to the followings:

1. Left TCS and was unemployed for a day
2. joined SAP and now am learning SAP ERP product, german culture , language etc etc
3. MOM, dad n veenu met Neha and her family .. all fixed, Roka on 24th
And if all this was not enuff , will be going in for outbound next weekned:) and ofcourse richa, piyush jhaji all in delhi and dont know wether i will be able to meet them or not

TDLY: fed up of induction and working to get the final presentation of ATOS done .... postings (ie department & locations) about to be released and that is the only excitement left in life

Monday, June 11, 2007

of my favourties

i have always used this blog as a medium to vent out my anger and frustation but here is something possitive ... my favourites ....

1. being with Friends and family : it has taken me a while to accpet but the fact is that i am an emotional person who always want to be with his family and friends ...
2. FRIENDS - the televison series: I am a fanatic .. absolutely crazy for the soeries.. the main reason i love it is that each character is so well sketeched out that you can actually predict what his/her reaction to that situation will be ... add to that loads of humur and you have th perfect recipe which EK will nere have :)
3. Food - food is something which cheers me up whenever i am low .. i use food as stress buster, timpeass, mood lifter, pick up line what not
4. Sleep- i can just sleep endlessly hours after hours , in hot blazing condition with just a fan, and all that to attain the state of nirvana:).... i can sleep over any of my problems and wake up all fresh n raring to go ......
5. spending time with neha... latest addition ....but the best one ;)

Thursday, June 7, 2007

of doing nothing ....

Its all very good to stay away from work .. but when u get to do nothing, you really get pissed off..... ofcourse even bad is the case when every1 you know in the office is busy and you have to stay till the end of the day ....

its really sad to come to office (TCS) till i join SAP coz there is no other motivation for me to start for office except to save few hundreds of rupees of notice period shortfall penalty ..

TDLY: nother set of boring inductions and fun with football at night :)

Wednesday, June 6, 2007

of random thoughts

here are few of my random thoughts :

1. if Radha and Kishan were married to separate people, why do we worship them together .. aren’t we linking wife of one man with another married guy ...
2. What is mood? why does it changes? which part of brain decides the moods or controls them?
3. Why is continuing ones race so important that all animals (man included) always work towards that ? Once you die how does it matter if your race continues or not? Anyways there is theory of evolution to make sure your race will mutate to some other form.... isn’t the need for reproduction (continuity of race ) contradictory to evolution
4. Why do we fear end of earth or civilization ? we all are destined to die so why not all together?
5. Is our life better today than caveman when man had free food, air water and sex?
Hardships have just changed forms but they still exist.
6. why does older generation blames young kids for crowding and over the edge competitiveness.. after all its their generation with 5-10 children each that led to huge population, thus to crowding and over competitiveness....

PS: its not that my mood bad .. am just a bit sleepy :)

TDLY: another day of indcution lectures.... but by this time had formed great bond with my room mate Deepak and had a gang that watched world cup football on giant projector screen and had fun....

Monday, June 4, 2007

of pirates and Gujjar incident

well this weekend i saw "pirates of the caribbian -3" and there were full scale tension between Meenas and Gujjars in northern India - mainly Rajasthan and Haryana.. so here i try to find a few similarities between the two incidents

Setting: growing clout of EIC, worryies pirates as their domain (7 seas) is under threat .. similarly growing demand of Gujjars worries Meenas as their domination in ST is under threat..

result: pirates decide to unite and fight against the EIC , here Meenas unite to quell Gujjar agitation

bystanders: anyone who corses the sea is affected- , here govt property and everyone else is getting affected

missing in action : queen of england and other authorities, here its the govt and intelligent politicians

pissed off: everyone

TDLY: 4th june 06- my first weekend after joining TCS ... left the richess of North point to be at home :)