Tuesday, November 25, 2008

of social messages

finally something that actually forced me to break my long hiatus and post a new blog .... this is about all the social messages ... messages that tell us we are lucky to have shelter on our heads and food in our belly, messages that tell us that our restraunt expenses are equal to someone's monthly groceries and hence we should be careful......
My simple answer to all these is so what? So what if i have money and i can spend it? so what if someone has children whom he/she can not feed? so what if someone has to work 10 hours a day in sun to earn rupees 50?

Why do these messages always want to make people feel guilty that thay are well fed and can afford a decent living? what do they want people to do- give away all their money and join the downtrodden gang? Do they want that everone should stop sending their kids to school and send them to some factory to work with all child labourers so that they dont feel bad?

Well my simple question is that why should i share my wealth or fortune with anyone? i work for providing basic necessity and luxury to my family and whats wrong in that? If there is any1 in the down-trodden section who has intelligence, business accumen, he.she will rise like many business giants have. for rest of the incapables why should i take responsibility?

It just reminds me of the modern version of the ant and grasshopper story where ant is fined by socialists for not sharing his food with grasshopper.

the beggar doe snot thinks twice before having kids. Infact he has 6-7 kids even when he doesnt know where his next meal is gonna come. Whereas me, i will plan my kid for 2 years, accumulate fund for his future , and then have just 1 or max 2 kid.
now someone tell me why should i pay for beggars or his chidrens misfortune? why doesnt the beggar plan and save for his kids? why do the social service ppl want a pie from my child's kitty?

will my child get moeny because he/she can not afford a limo or ferrari like the ambanis, tatas, gandhis etc?