Thursday, January 28, 2010

of thoery of relativity

I have always beleived that no absolute can exist without being relative. All the facts and figures that we percieve to be absolute , can be attributed to existence of some relative means of measure.

For example, all the units of measure themselves are relative. The temperature in degree celcius is relative to the 0 degree , when the water freezes over and 100 degrees when water boils under NTP conditions. the fact that water boils at 100 degrees is also relative to the pressure and purity contents.

The water we consider as potable or pure is one, which will not have any harmfull constituents for us. Even drinking distilled water (so called purest form) is detremental in long term as it does not conatins essential minerals.

In this way each fact that we know is depenedend upon one or more set of facts and the varying nature of these facts bring in relativity.

Money is relative, numbers are relative (to the base of number system) , hapiness is realtive, so is content. I even believe in the fact that even good and bad are relative. What is good for one, will be or can be bad for another. the act of terrorisms, though are bad for everyone in general , but for a group of people (terrorists) it is good as it gives them credibility, showcase their abilities and pitch for money to their funders.

Plagues, earthquakes, dry spells, floods etc are bad for us humans, but its good for the earth. They are its purging mecahnism to get rid of excess stress on natural resources.

Even the moksha we all aim for is relative. To some it is dying peacefully knowing that we have completed all our life tasks, to other it is entering the heaven or meeting the lord himself.

This leads me to the question, what are we working for in our life?

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You are absolutely right, my dear Launchpad..... -scrooge :)